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angel1A face is a picture. A face is a gateway. A face portrays an identity. One life. One face. Yours. Let your face reflect the joy within.

A face can take you where no heart has ever been. It calls out to a journey, a story, a tale untold that in fact is not a tale at all. You are invited to look through the section below to help find inspiration, ideas and help in constructing your entry-point. Bon voyage!

hairClara: Hairstylist in Pretoria specialising in Afrocentric hairstyles. Her popular hairstyles include afros, hairstyles, braids and more. Read more...



 manicure nailLethabo: Lethabo means joy! She spreads the joy by working very hard at a hair salon in Pretoria. She also wants to put a smile on your nails. Read more...



 hair Veronique: She is based in Preoria (Gauteng) and works as a hairdresser. She specialises in Afrocentric hairstyles. Read more...

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