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Harvest Aid NGO. Children happy over apples. Photo by Jaco Mosterd“Poverty is not just a problem for the poor; it is a problem for each and every citizen in this country. If every person that has a job, car, house and food to eat, just does something small for those less fortunate, South Africa would be a better place,” says Saretha Sandham, Project Manager at Harvest Aid, an NGO based in West Rand, Gauteng Province in the Republic of South Africa.

Established by Fanie Loots, Founder and CEO of Harvest Aid, it has significantly grown over the past decade. Harvest Aid cares for children in their community. Where there are child-led households, they look for grannies and aunties in the community to take care of the children so that they can continue to go to school. The Child sponsorship Program (CSP) has been established to enable Harvest Aid to provide these children with the food, clothing and other necessities on a continuous basis until the kids leave school. There are currently 130 children in the Child Sponsorship Program and food is also distributed to schools where there is a need.

“In a world that is hurting, it is important to look for opportunities to help those that are hurting the most. It can just be one small act of kindness that makes another person’s life better, says Saretha.

Wedding Anthem readers can contact Harvest Aid to get an invitation to the next free introductory breakfast planned for 18 August 2012. You can also get involved in Child Sponsorships or the bucket project. Business inclined readers can support Harvest Aid as their Corporate Social Investment Program and for tax benefits.

Another way of stepping in is by supporting the Harvest Aid Golf Day. There is still place for 12 players in the morning field.

  • Date: Saturday, 16 June 2012 (Youth Day)
  • Time: 08:00 for the morning field and 12:00 for the afternoon field
  • To book your slot: Interested golfers can call Benecke on +27[0]84 666 1503
  • Cost:  R130 is the minimum donation  (remember to bring along cash for boerewors rolls, cold drinks and other little competitions throughout the day)
  • To donate and/or get involved in Harvest Aid: Kindly contact Saretha Sandham on +27[0]11 955 1814
  • Website: www.harvestaid.org

“Having faced many obstacles and challenges in life, and with the grace of God, I know that anything is possible if you are willing to work towards a goal. Attitude is the only thing in your life that you have control over. If your attitude is positive, even during the most trying of times, the journey will seem less painful and stressful,” continues Saretha.

She strongly affirms that there is definitely hope for the youth of South Africa, but it depends on every person in this country reaching out, helping where they can and standing up in the role of strong mentors. The message has to be clear that there are no handouts to people who are not willing to make a change and work hard to achieve something in their life. Opportunities have to be grasped with both hands.

Seeing that this website is intricately linked to unconditional Love (Agape love of God the Father), she was asked to expound on her view of true love and the presence and/or absence thereof. “Love is not just a fuzzy feeling or sexual desire. Love is thinking others higher than yourself and caring for another person’s needs above your own. Love is self-sacrificial, unselfish and caring above the call of duty. True love does exist, it is just a rare commodity in today’s culture, where everything is about ME,” concludes Saretha.

 ~ Photo by Jaco Mosterd. It was taken at Patrick Mashego Primary School – one of the schools where Harvest Aid makes a regular difference. 

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