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13 December 2012

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Do not be deceived; there is a place for marriage in this day and age. Furthermore, there are believers out there from all walks of life, who are persuaded by “true love” and the identification thereof.

Apart from there being countless love songs and books inspired by love this joyous season, a South African website (www.weddinganthem.co.za) has given the pursuit of love new voices that come from none other than local and international icons; most of whom are adamant believers in “true love”.

Among those interviewed (exclusive interviews) since the site’s launch this year, are ace local and international celebrities such as Lira, Evangelist Angus Buchan, Danny_K, Tumisho Masha, Dj Euphonik, Tony Gaskins, Trenyce, Mapumba, Toya Delazy, Lady Lea, Elvis Blue, Madai and more. Even NGOs and ordinary countrymen have added their voices towards the “pin pointing” of true love.

“Love is an international phenomenon. The pursuit of true love is not a recent quest, but one that has been captivating mankind since the beginning of time. It is therefore of no wonder that a site that celebrates true love would continue to attract global icons; most of whom are believers in true love,” says Phindiwe Nkosi, Director: Wedding Anthem.

According to Phindiwe, most of the guests featured on the website – in spite of their racial and geographical divides – not only believe in true love, but also reckon that there is still a sacred place for marriage in this day and age.

“It is worth mentioning that the concept of ‘true love’ means different things to different people. It was not intuitive that it would relate to a person. In some cases, true love was attributed to God, music, a selfless action and even a handout from a stranger,” adds Phindiwe.

The site continues to attract stars and a global audience from over 25 countries. The readers are predominantly from South Africa, then USA, Norway, Great Britain and France among other countries. The website’s social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube, Digg, Delicious, Blogger is also accelerating during this festive season where “love is in the air”.

“The fact that the uncontested leading article is that of true love and the second chances that are ushered in by it is commentary. Readers and featured guests are persuaded by the power of love and the extraordinary effects thereof. Make no mistake: the world still has many believers and questors after true love,” concludes Phindiwe.

Please go to www.weddinganthem.co.za for more information on the actual celebrity interviews and more.



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14 August 2012

wedding anthem logoLove has many faces. It often comes disguised and can present itself in matrimony, the delicate touch of a stranger or a voice that is dedicated to making things better. Launched around mid-2012, the wedding directory Wedding Anthem (www.weddinganthem.co.za)celebrates love. It has already showcased the views of love from ordinary countrymen, NGOs and ace celebrities such as Lira, Tumisho Masha, Evangelist Angus Buchan, Danny_K, Mapumba, Dj Freshpuff and the “Union Building Artist” among others.

“Love begins with an acceptance of oneself. The misconceptions exist because we buy into other people’s standards of what is acceptable. We then start to believe that we are not pretty enough, not good enough, not smart enough... When we get to a point where we bring full acceptance into who we are, then we open ourselves up to filling this void with a love that comes from within. It becomes a self-generated confidence that does not need anything outside in order to exist,” says young multi award-winning music sensation, Lerato “Lira” Molapo-Kohl in an interview with Wedding Anthem.

For Sanusi Yusuf Olatunji, better known as the "Union Building Artist", love was easily defined. “Love is art. Art is my life. Growing up, I used to play with sand and make designs out of it. We would make boats out of paper and play with them on rainy days. Even without knowing, we participated in creative art activities. It is my passion.”

Love is none other but God, for Evangelist Angus Buchan, better known for championing packed to capacity crusades, being a regular on TV across channels and the author of more than 20 books! Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) interviewed on the website revealed yet another element and interpretation of love. Love was revealed in a hug, a stranger giving them food and fellow communities caring enough to make a difference.

“True love does exist. Its purpose is empowering and supporting, to make you a better person. Not to make you an addict or give you conditions that might kill you. If someone loves you, they will look to find the best in you and help you realize it! True love came to me through my son Lupemba. My love for him wants me to become a better man, a better professional, a better musician and most of all a responsible human being,” says music legend and M-NET’s Studio 53 former presenter, Mapumba Tshilombo in an exclusive interview featured on Wedding Anthem.

“Wedding Anthem (www.weddinganthem.co.za)celebrates love. For some it is music,  a handout from a stranger at the orphanage, a dance, someone special and/or God. In spite of love meaning such different things to different people, it is uplifting to note that most people featured on the website believe in love, particularly true love,” says Phindiwe Nkosi (26), Director: Wedding Anthem (Pty) Ltd.

According to Phindiwe, the website generated hits predominantly from South Africa, then USA, Norway, Great Britain and France among other countries. Exclusive celebrity interviews on love and life were very popular. Personalised non-traditional wedding vows, devotions, love Bible verses, love blogs and “miss-you“quotes were also sought after. Love transcends geographical divides  and has therefore attracted the attention of readers from over 20 countries. The website’s social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube, Digg, Delicious, Blogger and more may also have something to do with the growing local and international readership.

“If one goes through the celebrity interviews and those of others; the underlying thread is that true love surpasses self-enrichment. It is refreshing to see people celebrate love in their day-to-day lives and not just on special occasions. Regardless of the definition, what remains unquestionable was that love is indeed precious,” concludes Phindiwe Nkosi, Director: Wedding Anthem.

Please go to www.weddinganthem.co.za for more information on the actual celebrity interviews, to vote (and/or see the results) of a poll on what is considered “average lobola” (traditional bridal price) and more.

People from all walks of life are encouraged to participate in this global quest for the definition of love.



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