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Home News and events Wedding Anthem touches base with Grammy Nominee, Trenyce, a firm believer in love

TrenyceJust when you think you have heard enough to form a cluster and compartmentalize definitions, you chat to an icon like Trenyce and realize that maybe, just maybe not everything was meant to fit in boxes. From face value, she is the young lady many will recognize from the TV show, American Idol. She is also a Grammy Nominee,West End actress,singer and business woman.

This interview revealed a diamond. A rare jewel that is stunning in stature and a being full of soul. There is a depth to her. Not the type that fluffs up and vanishes, but one that is stemmed from a human heart that is convicted by none other than love. Yet it is not so much what others say, but who she says she is.

It is an honour and privilege to bring her to you, our beloved Wedding Anthem reader.

In one sentence, who is Trenyce?
An ambitious, forward-thinking, loving, workaholic who believes in fairness and equality... Wow, one sentence is impossible! There are so many dimensions to me. I can be a geek, I love heels better than tennis shoes, but I also love to be a tom-boy sometimes... I think I should have said I am one BIG OXYMORON! 

Please tell our readers a little bit more...
I started my career over 15 years ago when I was in Memphis, TN. I sang everywhere and to anyone I could. My mother managed me and we spent days doing my homework together and nights in clubs. I finally became a household name after 35 million people watched me and my season compete for the title of American Idol. After the Idol's tour where we sold out nightly to arenas of 15,000, I moved to LA where my life changed forever.

I booked job after job after that. Productions such as Dream Girls, Ain't MisBehavin' in which my cast and I were nominated for a Grammy for best cast album, Soul Kittens Cabaret along with Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Monifah, Tatiyana Ali and Angie Stone, Dancing with the Stars/BWAT tour, Love in the Nick of Tyme starring Morris Chestnut, Ellia English and R&B crooner, Avant. Movies such as Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah, Alfre Woodard, and Kesha-Knight Pulliam, starring in a West End Show with my face plastered on the outside of the theatre, traveling all over Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Norway singing), producing music, writing songs...and my most recent accomplishment being the sequel to Kick Ass 2 starring Jim Carrey, Nicholas Cage and Chloe Grace Moretz coming out next summer. My life is and has always been a roller coaster ride. I hang on, I scream with my hands in the air, and I follow the path God gives me.

Can you please tell your fans what you have been up to and/or what's next?
Recently I have been living in London for two years starring as the lead female in the West End show called Thriller Live which is a concert celebration of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. It was one of the craziest moves I've made so far, just uprooting my life and moving to a place I've only seen through the eyes of Simon Cowell, but I've enjoyed working here a lot. I realize there is a niche for me here. I am currently working on my album, captivating audiences, grabbing the mic whenever I can in places such as Ronnie Scott's, The Box and Shaka Zulu and making great connections and then when the movie comes out hopefully I will be invited to Comic-Con! I'm such a geek! And I LOVE Marvels! lol.

How do you find a balance between what you do and who you are?
I think the best balance for me was being a regular person growing up, having normal parents who divorced when I was 13, working a normal job, having friends, attending prom, having a boyfriend break my heart, balancing my own cheque book and cleaning my own toilets... it's all a recipe for balance. Once you have been laid-off of work, unsure if the company you've worked for for years will be around next year, or watch your parents struggle to make sure you "have", then you know that everything in life is a blessing. Day to day, minute by minute... it's precious and it all can change for better or worst in a moment. 

In my head, all of this can be taken away from me, even though I've managed to make a career doing what I love. I live with/in gratitude and I remember where I came from. My city (Memphis, TN) taught me manners, charm and love... and I think that the people that love me keep me grounded. They don't know Trenyce (my middle name)... they know Shun (my first name)...

We celebrate love. Do you think true love exists? If so, Who/what/where is it?
I celebrate it too! In every part of life. Love is the air we breathe, the smile to the next human being you pass on the street for no apparent reason, Love is the sacrifice we make for family and friends to be happy, Love is what keeps this world turning and our country beaming with pride. 

When it comes to true love...I think it does exist, but I think it is more rare than a diamond. True love takes finding that one person that you can't live without, that knows your darkest hours and doesn't want to run, that sees your flaws and accepts them, that sees your potential and pushes you to be greater than your best self. True love not only opens doors, but opens a portal in your heart that you thought never existed. True love lasts longer than a sexual attraction and deeper than a secret. 

It allows you to just BE and even when times get hard, it does not walk away. You fix it. You make it better than it was, and so it gets stronger with every passing day. I say it is rare because we now live in a world where everyone says "I love you", but if you really knew what it meant, you wouldn't say it so easily. There are few people we can say we feel this way about other than our children, so if you manage to find someone that comes close, you are one of the few in the world. People fall in and out of love all of the time, but true love creates a life-long bond. Nine times out of ten, most people have never been truly in love. More like, lust, or "in-like"....I can talk about love all day!  

Do you think there is still a place for marriage in this day-and-age?
There's never going to be a bad time for marriage! I think that more of those unions and the belief in it will create better families in the long term. Why do children feel like they don't need relationships? It's not just TV, magazines and movies. It begins with the two people that gave them life. That's who they first trust. If a mother and father show how beautiful the union is between them, then more than likely the children will purposely find partners who will remind them of the security, love and the connection they feel at home between their parents. 

Marriage takes work of course and nothing is guaranteed, but it is the couple's responsibility to make it fun and lively. Neither love nor marriage should ever feel like a trap, but more of an extension of you. Like your job and your friendships. What you put into it, is what you get out of it. I think marriage is needed now more than ever. It's time for people to learn to work through issues with their partners instead of jumping at the faintest sign of imperfection. It's not for better or best...

Do you have a message to Wedding Anthem?
I appreciate your website and your contribution to love because across the board, we need more of it! 

I am a singer which means that I am an emotional creature by nature, so I create music that will make people feel the rawness of love and your website to me, does the same. It creates a realness. A connection to love that is needed more in the media, websites, blogs, etc. We have a lot of non-believers out there and all they really want is hope! You give them that... Thank you!

I also thank you for allowing me to be a part of it :)  

Wow. What a lovely message. Many sincere thanks :) Anything else on your mind?
Please support love and good music!!! They do exist! 

Show your support for Trenyce!
Twitter, click here.
Facebook fanpages, click here and click here.
You-tube, click here.
She is also on Instagram (TRENYCE1), Tumblr, Formspring and Ustream!


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