NaakMusiqSome people need little introduction and yet others do. I am not sure where to place NaakMusiQ. On the one hand, he is known as MJ in one of South Africa's most popular soapies, Generations and therefore needs few introductions.

Yet, apart from being an actor, he is also a presenter and musician. There's so much more to him that one constantly needs to be reintroduced to this young man, because he continues to apply himself.

At the risk of sounding unprofessional, Wedding Anthem caught up with this delight. Here are his words to your ears. He is a believer of true love, marriage and so much more. While you are at it, you may like to check out his latest CD.

Dearest Wedding Anthem readers from all over our galaxy, please welcome this delight into your space!

In one sentence, who is NaakMusiQ?
A passionate human being who can do anything he puts his mind to.

Briefly, please tell our readers a little bit about you...

Can you please tell your fans what you have been up to and/or what's next?
I've been working on my debut album.

How do you find a balance between what you do and who you are?
It's very difficult, but the second I finish what I do, I disengage, take some time to myself to find myself, sometimes I don't even get that opportunity because I'm so busy, but I do try.

We celebrate love. Do you think true love exists? If so, Who/what/where is it?
Yes, I think true love exists. You may not know when it will come or who it will be, but it's out, no one can come between God and his plan for you.

Do you think there is still a place for marriage in this day-and-age?

Anything else on your mind? 
FOCUS, DREAM and then IMPLEMENT like hell!!!

Photo courtesy of Baainar Records.

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0 # Dineo 2014-10-14 13:12
Interesting article. It makes you see MJ (Generations character) in a new light.
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0 # buy likes free 2014-05-23 06:56
I enjoy looking through an article that will make men and women think.
Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!
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