2103. Brand-New-Day-OfficialThere’s life in you still. Sometimes, when you hit curve balls and are taken aback, you need to arise again and not let your time of trial be for nothing. Blogging about true love being greater a force than life itself means nothing if it is not applied.

There are many ways one can be inspired to continue. To press on. To arise again and take comfort in hope untold. One ways is through music. There’s something international about music that embraces you and catches you from wherever you are to redirect you back home. Music has the ability to locate your soul.

What a privilege to feature the award-winning duo 21:03 on Wedding Anthem. Winning a Stellar Award and their Grammy nomination reinforces that they can indeed be counted among the best of the best. They echo the freshness of a “brand new day” and have the passion often talked about, but rarely embodied.

True love has no borders and does not succumb to man-made limitations of mankind. With time ticking, I am encouraged to wrap up my introduction to let you delve into the meat of who they say they are. Here’s what they have to say about love, live and lots in between.

Precious Wedding Anthem readers, please welcome them in your space, support them and while at it, sing along to their tracks.

In one sentence, who is 21:03?
21:03 is the duo of Evin Martin and Torrence Greene. Two guys using our gifts, talents and abilities to spread the gospel and a message of hope!

Briefly, please tell our readers a little bit more about you.
Torrence: 21:03 was formed on 21 January 2003. So this year we celebrate our 10th anniversary as a group. We are known for our energetic and dynamic live performances. We have won a Stellar Award (highest honor in gospel music), been nominated for a Grammy and have toured all over the world sharing stages with Gospel's biggest acts. We have been blessed.                                                  

Can you please tell your fans what you have been up to and/or what's next?          
Evin: We have been gearing up for the release of our 4th studio album, hard at work in the studio, writing and reflecting. Our newest single "Brand New Day" has just been sent to radio so we are excited!                                                                                          

How do you find a balance between what you do and who you are? 
Torrence: Well it can be hard when you're busy all the time, but when we come home we are grounded by our friends and family, and believe me they remind you that you are still little brother, son, and not a super human being/celebrity lol.  

Evin: I am a singer/performer yes, BUT who I am doesn't only entail that. My character is who I am, not what I do as a profession.    

We celebrate love. Do you think true love exists? If so, Who/what/where is it?      
Evin: I think true love exists because it's in our hearts. GOD is love and we are created in His image so we definitely have the capacity to love. Whether we open ourselves for it to manifest in our lives is our choice. I recently experienced the birth of my nephew, and I must say it was amazing to feel this unconditional love for a little person that I just met. Love is real!

Do you think there is still a place for marriage in this day-and-age? 
Evin: Absolutely! It is the bedrock of a stable society. If the Bible says it's good to be married, then it surely is. I'm looking forward to it!                                                  

Do you have a message to Wedding Anthem?          
Torrence: Thank you for the opportunity to be introduced to your audience and share our views on love, life, and the music!                                                                                    

Only a pleasure! Anything else on your mind before wrapping up?
In case you need a song to walk down the aisle to, or you want a song a song to encourage your desire to love, listen to our song "Loving You" off of our album "Evolved".. "Through the good, through the bad, when I'm happy or sad, I'd rather be loving you, than anything else in the world."

* Photo supplied - CD cover.

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