Karabo and Ikgopoleng Polori"If this is what marriage is all about then in my next life I wanna be married to this very same guy," says Karabo."I could have not asked for a better wife love," responds Ikgopoleng.

- That's just one of the many affectionate social media posts from the love-birds. They are endless and continue to grow on a daily basis. The message is clear: their love for each other is overflowing.

Wedding Anthem caught up with Karabo Mohlala and Ikgopoleng Polori to find out about what makes them tick. Seeing that this platform celebrates true love, let us hear from these inspirational individuals.

Could this be one of those undocumented love stories that can compare to epic love stories such as Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and the Prince, Prince William and Kate Middleton? Read for yourself and decide.

Dear world, add this to your list of true lovers! Here's Karabo Mohlala and Ikgopoleng Polori. Soon to be wifey and hubby.

Karabo 1She (Karabo) says...

Where/how did you meet Ikgopoleng?
It wasn't romantic at all. We met at my grandfather's funeral. He is my cousin's friend and therefore came to attend the funeral.

What’s his petname(s)?
Darly and rato laka.

When did you fall in love?
I really don't know...

What made you know that “this is it”?
Easter 2011... That was special, lol.

How did he propose?
He didn't go down on his knee, lol. We we on a "date" at Mimmos in Rosebank.

What do you love about him?
I love the way that he loves and fears the LORD.

What is the nicest thing he said to you?
That I'm the most beautiful woman in the world and he only has eyes for me.


Ikgopoleng PoloriHe (Ikgopoleng) says...

Where/how did you meet Karabo?
It's complicated, but all in all we met at Pankop. I attended her grandfather’s funeral with my friends. My first impression was "wow, what a lady indeed!"

What’s her petname?

When did you know that you want to marry her?
The first time I actually spoke to her face-to-face. It was during the April weekend of Easter 2011... I fell in love.

What made you know that “this is it”?
Her smile and caring attitude.

What makes you the best man for her?
I make her smile and feel good.

What do you love about her?
I mostly love her eyes.

What is the nicest joke she told you?
Lol, that she dreamt of hugging me and was instead hugging our son.

Together-forever updates...

Lobola (traditional bridal price): November 2012.
Wedding: April 2013.

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