TrinityThere's something about this man that commands attention. I can't pinpoint it. My speech fails me. I simply make incoherent utterances.

My gut will conclude on my behalf... Perhaps it is the anointing on his life. Maybe it is the fact that he has a stunning wife of seven years to back up his words. Perhaps it is his refreshing "Holy Hip Hip" lyrics. Maybe it is his spirit that is so entwined with His Spirit that you just can't, but acknowledge that there is something about Trinity.

He is who he is. From Texas, United States of America, please welcome and support Trinity!

In one sentence, who is Trinity?
Trinity is a servant of God, who ministers the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through Hip Hop.

Briefly, please tell our readers a little bit about you...
I'm a Christian Hip Hop Artist from Houston,Texas as well as a Youth Pastor at my church. I've been blessed to stand on many stages performing and ministering the Gospel message. Im actually one of the locked in artists who performs annually at The Roc Tha Mic 4 Christ Concerts, What's Your Purpose Conference, and A&R for Destine II Shine Records.

Can you please tell your fans what you have been up to and/or what's next?
I've been in studio working on a new project R & R (Revived & Restored), release date to be announced in due time. If I'm not in studio working on music, out promoting my latest project "What's Your Purpose: RELOADED" or studying for a sermon, I'm spending time with my beautiful wife of seven years and handsome son.

How do you find a balance between what you do and who you are?
I find balance in what I've been called to do by always keeping God first, by acknowledging Him in all my ways. I've grown to learn that a person's Spirit man has to be very sensitive to the voice of God, unless we'll get caught up operating out of our own strength and not having a balance at all.

We celebrate love. Do you think true love exists? If so, Who/what/where is it?
I believe that true love exist because I've found it. I believe that True Love begins with God. In fact the greatest commandment states: "first, love God with all of you, then love your neighbor as you love yourself."

Do you think there is still a place for marriage in this day-and-age?
Yes, I firmly believe that there's a place for marraige in this day and age, marriage lays the foundation of true love, support, trust, family and most Importantly it's acceptable and pleasing in the eye sight of God.

Do you have a message to Wedding Anthem?
I would like to encourage Wedding Anthem to continue on in the work that you've been blessed to start. It's truly a blessing that you guys are out here promoting and encouraging Marraige.

What an uplifting message! Thank you so much! Anything else on your mind?
Don't forget to check out Trinity by clicking here and becoming a member on the site!

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