Niskerone2This Capetonian music artist has just returned from touring Europe. Wedding Anthem caught up with Mark Stevens, better known as Niskerone to find out about his views on true love, marriage and upcoming plans. Enjoy the read!

In one sentence, who is Niskerone?
Niskerone is a fictional creation from the mind of Mark Stevens. He's sorta a mix between Santa Claus, Donnie Darko and Hugh Heffner, but with music...

Briefly, please tell our readers a little bit about you...
I'm a Bass Music artist from Cape Town. I've spent a great deal of time on tour around South Africa and abroad, having been lucky enough to perform everywhere from Amnesia in Ibiza to Laundry Day Festival in Belgium to nearly every notable music venue in South Africa.
Can you please tell your fans what you have been up to and/or what's next?
I just returned from a rather long tour in Europe. Next up for me is to release the first in a new series of mixes, seeing as I have not done that in a while. The biggest focus, for the next few months is to finish all the new material that we've been working on. The next few months will require a lot of studio time!
How do you find a balance between what you do and who you are?
I like to separate everything. When I'm at home with the missus or out with my friends, it's Mark. On stage, during a show, you'll get Niskerone. The two have completely different personas.

We celebrate love. Do you think true love exists? If so, Who/what/where is it?
I dunno if it does. If it does, for me it's music.

Do you think there is still a place for marriage in this day-and-age?
For some people there is and for others there isn't. As for me, I don't think it's that necessary. I guess I'm different like that.
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