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"Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not be afraid. Even if I am attacked, I will remain confident." (Psalms 27:3, New Living Translation)

This message is not for everybody. Many will read it, but only somebody will receive it. That's because when one is reading devotions, one is tempted to seek "bless me" messages.

Rather than being made whole and baked in the process of time, we want to come out and pray hardships away. We blame everything on the devil and "name and claim", pray away trials, pray away anything set in place to mature us, that is not nice to go through.

Though a mighty army surrounds me - even though I am in the midst of a hurricane and am besieged - even though I am in the battle zone and war is eminent, come-on oh my heart, remain confident in God.

You may have prayed and fasted against the battle you are going through right now. Even though you are in that divorce process, even though the creditors are knocking at the door, even though the machine is scheduled to be switched off and there is no one on the donor list waiting to save you... I will remain confident in God.

Sometimes, when everything is wobbly and giving in, we need to REMAIN confident. I know it looks like God has let you down and destruction is eminent, BUT that is a lie from the devil. Remain confident in God. It may seem like you will never conceive, carry full term or give birth. The womb may be scheduled to be removed and maybe is already out, but be encouraged. Don't you dare doubt even for a second that God is no longer able to work. There is a pulse.

You will conceive, carry full term and give birth to a child. You will not abort that baby for they will make you glad and provide for you in your old age.

He still wants you to be saved and will act. He still loves you. Remain confident in God. No matter what is going on around you. Tell yourself to remain confident in God. Don't you dare give up on God. Talk to your situation. Talk to your heart. Talk to that barren ground.

Thought for the day: I remain confident in Jesus.

Prayer: Jesus! Amen.

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