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hospital hand“You are my hiding-place and my shield; in your word I put my hope.” (Psalms 119:114)

Where do you hide when the bills are due, hospital bills are mounting, health is frail, relationships are breaking and there’s no end in sight?

Where do you run to, to catch your breath and recover? When everything is falling apart, where and what is your escape?

Do you terrorize your family and become an angry lion and someone to be feared? Do you turn to drugs, alcohol and smoking to ease the pain and escape for a while? Are you engaging in sexual escapades in a desperate search for love and settle for junk and beatings? Are you the popular one at night clubs and porn shops or the one secretly there because you have given up on God?

What do you do when things are spinning around and around and won’t stop? Do you beat up your partner to reinforce a false sense of control? Are you the bully in the home? Are you writing a suicide note or considering consulting with spiritual mediums and traditional healers/witch doctors?

Run to God child of God. Put your hope in Him alone. He will not fail you. Be encouraged. Take heart. God can be your hiding place and shield if you allow Him to heal you and take charge. This is all a divine plan to bless you. Run to God. He sees. He hears. He loves. He saves. He Is. I AM.

Thought for the day: Where do I hide when things are falling apart?

Prayer: Your Name is I AM

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