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baby feet"And Saul saw and knew that Jehovah was with David; and Michal Saul's daughter loved him." (1 Samuel 18:28, Darby Translation)

The love of God can and will turn things around.

Rather than continue with hate, love can change things. It may have been poverty and lack, but things can and will change. You cannot come into contact with the love of God and remain the same.

Love shows. Love acts. Love cannot be hidden in a bushel. Love cannot be kept a secret. Here I am God, take me bit by bit. Spread Your love in me. Use me to love self. Let me love others. Let me love You the way that I rightfully should.

The loins of Saul, his very daughter, loved David because You loved him so much. Rather than spreading a lineage of hate, let Your love turn things around.

Love changes everything. Love calls for newness.

Thought for the day: Yes Jesus loves me!
Prayer: Jesus! You alone are Love. You are God. You are Love eternal. Your love leaves us speechless.

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